The Impact That This Book Has Made In My Life
Couldn't Be Bought Or Sold For Any Price!

I read your book when your first published it in 2002. I have it underlined in yellow through out the entire book. The pages are sheared off because I keep it with me every where I go. The impact that this book has made in my life couldn't be bought or sold for any price. My health was falling apart. My marriage was a total disaster. My business was in the gutter. I couldn't even get along with my children. I was so depressed most of the time; I didn't know how I would get through each day. Louie, I want to thank you, not only for the respect that I now have with in myself but for all of things that was falling apart in my life. I am now living a joyful life and every thing I touch turns into pure gold. You are a gift to humanity. I don't know how to say it in words but I will try. What you have done to help me be the person that I am today is a true testimony that every one on this planet should read this book. I love you Louie. I promise you that I will tell everyone that I know about your book.

With Love, Jimmy Martin,Montana

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you is the best way to describe this book. LIVE and LET LIVE is the most life changing information you can ever receive. Words can't describe how much this will IMPACT your life.

Tim Hayes From Kentucky

I Am Now In Harmony With Who I Am Because Of You!

I was reared up in a very strict protestant holy than thou religion. My father has been a minister for 42 years in a congregation of 1,000 people. I have been going to that church for many years. But there was always something that felt like resistance at different times. I could't identify why I would feel that unwanted resistantance. The more I studied your book the more aware that I have become that the resistance that I was feeling was predicated up on better than thou. You teach that we are all part of the whole. Teachers teaching teachers and no one is better than anyone else. I am now in harmony with who I am because of you. You have helped me in so many ways.

Thank you, Katie Rogers Florida

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