Chapter 2

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is probably one of the most important things you need to learn about yourself and your potential on this physical plane. There is nothing more important in this world, or in any of the other dimensions, that you learn to appreciate yourself. When you can see yourself as an attractor, you will bask and bathe in your thoughts so you will attract what makes you feel good. As we radiate thoughts, we will attract through their vibration.

When we were small children, some of us had the confidence and the ability to achieve anything that was before us. Then we entered our first day of school and our confidence disappeared. Some of us became, to some extent, withdrawn and shy. Our peers and our relatives influenced us through their negativity of criticizing, condemning, and complaining about people, places, and things.

We enter this life with radiating unconditional love vibrations. Then we are introduced to people in our environment and their thought patterns of fear of loss, found within their communication with themselves and everyone else. Because we are electromagnetic in nature, when we are exposed to fear of loss, we attract those fears and contamination into our thought process.

You can ask yourself the following question: Where do I begin to change the attraction that I have been vibrating all of these years with a world that, for the most part, is communicating from a loss attitude? You might say to yourself that it would be a big challenge to change what you have been thinking for so long.

It would appear to you that you are in a sea of millions of people who talk and think in critical terms instead of positive terms. While this is a true statement, you have your best friend with you at all times, which is your inner self. If you listen to how you feel, your inner self will guide you through this life. You experience this guidance by listening to what your emotions are vibrating.

You always know if you are in harmony with whatever you are thinking because you will feel a sense of peace of mind. If you are not in harmony with the thoughts you are having, then you will feel bad or uneasy within your emotions. What needs to be conveyed here is that you need to listen to what is coming from within, instead of reacting from results coming from without, to experience a sense of well being and security.

You can probably remember from your childhood when one of your teachers in school, or maybe an uplifting relative, gave you some extra encouragement that gave you the confidence to propel you into where you are now in your life.

Most of us are so concerned about what other people are thinking about us that we sometimes have a difficult time responding from how we truly feel the feelings coming from our own inner guidance system.

We have been programmed not to hurt others feelings to the point that most of us go through our life so guarded that we cannot hear or feel our own emotional inner self. If we are looking from without to be guided, then we have been missing the point of why we decided to come to Earth to experience the wonderful things that we all have available. There is a smorgasbord of opportunities that we would be able to attract into our existence by trial and error.

Learning how to appreciate yourself is at the center of the reason for you to want to summon life into your physical body. It is here that I want to elaborate in a little more detail about your true intentions before you decided to emerge into the physical world, so that you can look at appreciating yourself from a different perspective.

I want to help you find those missing pieces that you have been in search of all of your life. Before you were born, you said to yourself that you would not remember all of your other lives. You would go forth into this time-space reality knowing that you would get to choose what it is that you want to experience in your life.

When we awake, we get to start out with a clean slate, with every thought we vibrate and with every vibration we attract. So if we start focusing on what kind of thoughts we are thinking, it will give us a clear view of whats to come in our lives before the day is out, and also tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, five years, ten years, twenty years, thirty years, and on and on. That is why it is so important.

It is important that we all have an excellent image of what we want to attract to others and ourselves, because our image of ourselves is who we truly are. When we choose to only think thoughts that make us feel good, we know that we are blended with our inner self. If you are experiencing illness or upset with your mate, or out of harmony with your boss at work, or out of harmony with anything thats happening in your life, it is because you are not appreciating your self.

You cannot be out of harmony with yourself and enjoy what you are doing at the same time it is impossible. When you are condemning other religions, political parties, economics, or looking for anything that is out of harmony with the way you feel it should be, it does not have anything to do with any of those things. It has to do with you and your quality of self-appreciation, because everything is in perfect balance. Our thoughts are what make it seem good or bad.

At sometime in our lives, we come to the realization that the least resistance through thought we can emanate, the better off we are. If you are not willing to start paying attention to the thoughts that are coming from you, then you will be like the majority of the population that are continually having major life challenges.

When you are paying attention, then you get to experience the ability that you have access to, and this is the powerful creator that is inherent in you by design of the thoughts that you have chosen in the immediate now. You might ask the question: Why am I here at this time? What you need to know is that you chose to come here to add to what is. You cannot start to add to the whole, or be a benefactor to your best friend, which is your inner self, until you get in a happy, joyful mood and have fun along the way.

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