Chapter 1

Make Right Decisions

You are a figment of your imagination. You are a combination of all of your thoughts. You can now have the opportunity to be responsible for everything you want. You can balance the power of thought and bring it into the physical world that you are living in right now. All thought has the power and energy that helps create our next moment. If you have no emotion involved with your thoughts, they will have very little influence on the way you attract what you want in the physical world.

Thought that is felt with strong emotion is very powerful. When strong emotion is felt, you summon the power of the universe and thats when what you desire will be attracted into your experience on the physical plane. Start by awakening in the morning and feeling rested, refreshed, and energetic. Note the way your body feels. Say to your 66 trillion cells how much you appreciate each and every one of them. You will immediately feel the positive energy start to flow back into your body.

It is the authors belief that before we can become in harmony with ourselves or have anything to offer to another, we need to become acquainted with our inner self. The inner
self is our best friend. We need to know how to listen for it so that we can communicate with it. We communicate with the inner self through our emotions. When we chose to come back into the physical plane, we brought back with us a connection to our inner self.

You have the choice to choose the thoughts that attract positive emotions or attract negative emotions. Your inner self will not tell you what thoughts to think, but it will tell you through how you feel if you are on the right path or not. The right path creates all of your desires that you have felt with strong emotion. It says in the Holy Bible that when you ask you shall receive. By visualizing, contemplating, feeling, enjoying, basking and bathing in the excitement and enthusiasm, you will know who is inspiring your physical body.

Your work on planet Earth is to come here to hook up with your inner self. This way you help bring heaven to the earthly plane. The non-physical self knows that if the physical self stays connected to the inner self, most of the time everything we desire with thought and action will be manifested in the physical world. When the inner self connects to the physical self, it becomes one, with all the power and fulfillment we want here on planet Earth.

The most important thing is that you feel good! You must feel good with every thought and action that takes place in the moment.

I have read many books upon positive thinking for the past forty years, and after a life-long search, I have learned to communicate with my inner self. That is when I decided to share this information with individuals who want to learn how to communicate with the inner self so they also can enjoy what I am enjoying.

The principles that I am going to be communicating are as old as time, but there are different vibrations in all words, and I am going to plant some seeds of thought for you to ponder that if focused upon for a time will give you some rewarding experiences. The words that you read from this book will not teach you, but the vibrations of these words will inspire you to want to experience things that will create joy in your life. It's not by chance that you have decided to read this book, it is because of the law of attraction that has brought us together.

Visualize seeing yourself with that wonderful personality that you have wanted to attract. Reaect on someone who already has that wonderful personality. Feel it so clearly that you become one with the feeling and emotion of that wonderful personality that you are becoming. Through this book I will give you thoughts to stimulate your thought patterns so you can be, do, or have anything you want to attract in your life.

You will have the opportunity to learn about universal laws that, if you take seriously, will change your life forever. You will learn to attract your greatest good in life.

As we progress in this reading, I would like to blend my inner self with your inner self so that you can start to attract everything you have been wanting to experience in your life.

Once you begin to understand that you are more electrical than you are physical, then you will evolve very quickly to become the powerful creator that you came to planet Earth to discover. There isn't anything that you cannot do or have if you have the emotion and a strong enough desire. You will see and feel what it is that you want to experience, and then it will be present in your life.

I have been labeled a mentor, and a number of other descriptions, of someone who can provide some guidance to enhance a persons physical and spiritual experience. We can now travel together in search of your inner self. I am really excited about you and your ability to communicate with your inner self, because you will come to realize that you are in charge of what happens to you in your future.

I will share with you some universal laws that have to do with the 68 seconds to communicate with whatever it is that you want to attract in your life. It will come to you by the law of attraction.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that you have probably never focused on something that you wanted to experience in the physical world for a prolonged time, with any strong intending. You will need to take a pen and paper with you everywhere you go and start writing down what you see that you would like to experience in the physical world.

For example, it might be that you have seen a person with an outgoing personality, and you noticed that they seemed happy and joyous because they were laughing and having fun.

If this kind of a personality appeals to you, write it down. Next, create a happy feeling by whatever means you choose. You may want to think of something in your past that gave you an uplifting feeling or maybe you can recall a song that makes you feel good and that fills your body with energy. Experience that happy state of being that you would like to have with an ongoing experience in the physical world.

You may want to attract an automobile of your choice that you have seen or driven. It might be a home that you have had your eye on, or it could be that you have a desire for more money to flow into your existence.

You may want to attract learning how to be financially independent, to become one of the top salespeople in your organization. You may desire perfect health, no matter what challenges you are having right now. You may want to lose weight to your specifications, enjoy a feeling of well being, or feel enthusiastic about life.

You may wish to always know the right decision to make at anytime, how to enjoy the perfect marriage, or how to attract the perfect mate. You may want to attract the perfect career, or become one of the best athletes on this planet.

It does not matter what is that you want to experience. Write it down.

Now that you know what you want, your real work will now begin. For ten or fifteen minutes each day, feel what you have on your piece of paper already in your existence to the point of enjoying it as clearly as if it has already appeared.

You have heard in the past that it's not completion of the journey thats the most exciting. This journey can be compared to a painter visualizing the picture that he is getting ready to paint, and he starts to paint one stroke, then another. He begins to mix colors, and stroke-by-stroke, he paints what he sees in his minds eye. After weeks or months, the final stroke completes what this individual could see in his mind.

The things that you wrote down will be attracted to you effortlessly as long as you believe that you are being attracted to them. This is when you get to start listening to your inner self for guidance and begin to look for evidence to appear of what you want to experience with joyfulness. You will learn, as you go along this trail with me, that you will be able to experience everything you have wanted flow to you effortlessly.

From the different experiences that I have witnessed in the physical world, I have concluded that we live in eternity. We cannot mess up our life so much, because we can never get it all done.

We are all co-creators with our greater non-physical and physical
beings working in concert with our broader perspective

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